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Make sure free popodoms and dips as usual

Philip, 14 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thank you Philip

Chicken tk hard and where’s our chilli dip not pleased

Jane , 09 Feb 2020

Amazing food every time

Natasha, 09 Feb 2020

  Reply : Than you Natasha


Emma, 08 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thank you Emma

Amazing food, quick delivery

Rachel, 08 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thank you Rachel

Excellent food as always

Zoe, 07 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thank you Zoe


Steven Jones, 02 Feb 2020

Perfect everytime !

Nicola, 01 Feb 2020

  Reply : Thank you Nicola

We always get our takeaways from here excellent food and good value for money

Kerry, 30 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much Kerry


H, 27 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you H

Food arrived although it tasted nice it was cold which meant we didn't enjoy it at all, a bit of a waste of money unfortunately, it's usually lovely.

Sarika, 25 Jan 2020

  Reply : Hi sarika, sorry to hear your food was cold please next time call the restaurant so we can look in to it even replace your meal.

Fucking awesome. Best curry I’ve had round here in past 10 years. Hats off to lads that cook it.

Karen, 18 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you Karen

Lovely food could be a little quicker on deliver

Sara, 18 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you Sara

Very nice food quality service

Matt, 14 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you Mr Matt

Lovely food

Sara, 11 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you Sara

Gorgeous food as always and quick delivery

Aimee, 05 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Very nice

Philip, 04 Jan 2020

Great service

Philip, 04 Jan 2020

Lovely food and always delivered on time

Sara, 04 Jan 2020

Beautiful food. Very nice.

Amanda, 03 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you Amanda

Very good as normal

Jackie, 03 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you very much


Bryan, 02 Jan 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Food was absolutely delicious as always,just a bit slow on delivery

Aimee, 01 Jan 2020

Food was amazing, we loved it,just a bit slow on delivery but can imagine how busy the restaurant is

Aimee, 01 Jan 2020

Really nice

Patrick, 31 Dec 2019

  Reply : Thank you

Why does your driver in the Nissan insist on parking 3 inch away from other peoples cars so they can’t get out if he does it when I’m in works van I’ll just reverse into him simple

Dean , 29 Dec 2019